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Friday, 13 April 2018

Birbal Visits Iran

Emperor Akbar had an important courtier called Birbal. Birbal was very popular for his matchless wisdom and high sense of humour. It interested the king of Iran. “I want to meet this guy Birbal and test his intelligence. Invite him.” He ordered.

Akbar, handing over the royal invitation to Birbal, said, “My friend, the king of Iran has invited you to test your intelligence. Let your voyage fetch yet another claim to your name and fame.” Back at home, with his mind busy, Birbal packed for the voyage.

Meanwhile, the king of Iran decided to play a prank. HE made five of his minister’s dress like him in royal costumes.

The moment Birbal reached Iran, he was ushered to the court where six kings were seated. ‘This is it, A test for me to find the right king.” Birbal thought.

Birbal looked at them carefully, then stepping in front of one of them, he bowed, saying, “Salutations my King…”

“Wow, great, “beamed the real king. “But how did you find out!” he asked,
“From your body language” chuckled Birbal. “Though wearing royal costumes, the others sat still with their hands on the armrest, but only you sat tapping your chin.”

“Excellent, praised the king, No wonder you are known as the most intelligent of all.”
Pleased with Birbal, the king rewarded him as he said, “Birbal, I wish I had a genius like you in my kingdom. I want you to stay with us for a few days…” Birbal thanked the king, feeling happy that he added pride to his motherland.

The End.