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Friday, 10 November 2017

The Rich Man and the Old Woman

Once upon a time, there lived a rich farmer in a village. He was a very kind man. He was always ready to help the poor and the needy. Often he gave money to make wells, parks and schools in the village.

One day, as he was coming home, he saw an old woman lying under a tree. He went to her and asked, “Old woman! Why are you lying near the tree? It is dark. Go to your home.”
The old woman was very hungry and had high fever. She could not speak.

The man took pity on her and asked his servants to take the woman to his house. There, he gave her food and water. She told him that she was poor and had no home. Later, he told her to take care of his garden and gave her a room to live in his house.

Days passed by. The old woman took very good care of the garden. She also planted many useful herbs in the garden. One day, when the rich man’s son was playing in the field a snake bit him. No one knew what to do. On hearing this the old woman immediately went to the garden and picked up some herbs. She made a paste and gave it to the boy.

After some time, the boy was fine. The man was very happy.

He told the old woman, “Thanks a lot for saving my son’s life. I can never repay your help.
The old woman smiled and said, “Son! Once when I was dying, you also saved my life. It was my duty to save your son.”

Moral: Be kind to everyone