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Friday, 10 November 2017

The Reward of Honesty

Serivan was a seller of pots and pans. He had a merchant friend, named Malli who was very greedy and mean. One day they crossed the river Televasta and reached the town of Anuradhapur. They settled between themselves to go about in different parts of the town.
In the same city there lived a poor family which has once been quite rich. The only survivors in the family now were two women, a young girl and her grandmother. Life was hard for them.

Lying among the old pots and pans in their house was golden bowl. It was out of use, so it looked dirty. Malli went past their door, crying, ‘Exchange your old pots for new!’

The young girl said, “Let’s buy a new plate, grandma! There is a pot seller in the street.”.
“But we have no money to pay for it, my child,” replied the old woman.

“Why, we can offer this old metal bowl in exchange,” said the girl.

Malli was called in. He examined the bowl and scratched a line on its bottom with a needle. His suspicion was right. It was pure gold. But he wanted to get it for nothing. He threw it on the floor, saying that it was useless and worthless. He got up and left the house.

The young girl was sad at the seller’s rudeness. But her grandmother wondered why he had behaved in such an insulting manner.

The next morning, Serivan visited that part of the town. Once again the young girl urged her grandma to get her a new plate. Most unwillingly, ht old lady called the potseller in. He looked gentle and honest. He too examined the dirty old bowl.

“Will you exchange this for a plate?” asked the young girl.

“Old mother, your bowl is pure gold, and worth a lot of money. I haven’t so much money on me.”

Both the women were astonished to hear this. “My son, it must be your touch which turned the bowl into gold. Take it! Give us anything in exchange,” said the old lady.

Serivan gave away all his new pots and also 500 silver coins which he had at that time. He kept with him just 8 coins to pay to boatman to take him across the river.

No sooner had Servan left the house than the greedy Malli turned up. He wanted to buy the bowl. The old woman scolded him for telling a lie in order to cheat her.

Malli began to curse Serivan for his loss.

“I shall have my revenge on that fool! Why did he undo my plan?”, he cried.

He rushed after Servian to the riverside. But the boat was already in the midstream. He shouted insults at Serivan, tore his clothes, los his balance of mind. His heart burst and he dropped down dead.

The End.