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Friday, 10 November 2017

Staying Alert - Soumya The Brave Little Girl

Soumya was an eight year old girl. She was a bright and smart girl. She had a five year old brother named Raghav. Their mother and father worked in a bank. So, when they were not home, she would often take good care of Raghav.

One day, Soumya was alone at home. The parents had gone to attend a wedding in the city. Soumya played with Raghav for a while. She also read a story to him. Then, Raghav went to sleep.

Soumya then decided to watch cartoons on the television. As she was enjoying the show, she suddenly saw thick smoke coming out of her parents’ bedroom.

She knew that something was wrong. “Oh God, a fire has broken out,” she shouted.

But she did not panic. She called her father, “Papa, there is a fire in your bedroom. I have called the neighbors for help. I am also going to call the fire service.”

“Well done Soumya, you did the right thing,” said her father, “we are leaving immediately. I am coming home in ten minutes.”

Soon the neighbours came and took Soumya and Raghav out of the house. Soumya had already called the fire service. With in no time, the fire brigade came and put out the fire.
Soumya’s parents came home quickly. Everyone praised Sourmya for her brave act. Brave Soumya, she saved the house from fire. “We are so proud of you. You are a brave girl.” Said her mother and hugged her.


The End