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Friday, 10 November 2017

Sindbad The Sailor

Hundreds of years ago, there lived a young man named Sindbad. He was a merchant. In order to sell his wares, Sindbad had to often sail around the world. Most of his voyages were full of exciting adventures.

image courtesy: Google images
On one occasion, Sindbad had to go to China with a cargo of dates form Arabia. When he was returning, his cargo met with a tempest. The mighty waves overturned the ship. Luckily, Sindbad escaped unhurt and managed to reach the shore. It was a strange land with huge white rocks all around.

“Oh, thes white boulders seem so sommth!” Sindbad wondered. As he went to one of the rocks, a huge eagle landed next to him. And then… to his awe and surprise, he found that the white rocks were nothing else but the eggs of the eagles. “So.. Iam in the land of giant birds,” Sindbad mused.

He crawled behind a huge eagle and fastened himself to its leg. The huge bird took off in the sky and soon landed in a valley where there were gems and diamonds all around. Suddenly, a piece of meat fell beside Sindbad, and a diamond got stuck onto it. He got reminded of the story of the valley.

The natives of the valley used to throw meat so that the gems could get stuck on them. When the birds carried the meat to their nests, the people used to collect the gems and leave the meat in the nests. “The birds may swoop anytime,” thought Sindbad. He quickly collected as many gems as he could.

Tying the diamonds in his waistband, he waited near the piece of meat. As soon as an eagle landed there to pick up the meat, Sindbad tied himself to the bird’s leg. The huge bird took off in the sky… and off went Sindbad flying high. The bird landed in another valley. Sindbad untied himself.

People of the valley were startled to see him. And when they came to know that he was Sindbad, the sailor, they were pleased. For some days, he stayed with them, telling them about his adventures. Then one day, he took leave of them. “Another voyage awaits me,” he said. And Sindbad went on his way..

His voyages continued…

The End.