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Friday, 10 November 2017

God is Great

One evening, King Bhoja and Kalidasa were walking along the banks of a river. There were many orchards [fruit gardens] near the river.

King Bhoja and Kalidasa entered one of the orchards to get some fruits.

On entering the orchard, King Bhoja looked around. There were creepers which bore fruits like watermelon and muskmelons on them. These creepers had thin delicate stems lying on the ground.

Also, there were many big trees bearing many tiny red fruits.

King Bhoja looked at the fruits and said, “This is odd. Why do the weak creepers have such big fruits while the big tree has such small fruits? Why has God made these plants like this? I think big fruits should grow on big trees and small fruits should grow on thin stems! What do you think Kalidasa?”

“Your majesty! God has created this Earth and every being on this with some thought. You would soon understand the reason for this,” replied Kalidasa.

Soon, they saw a man sleeping under the big tree, which had red fruits. Suddenly, a strong wind blew. One of tiny fruits fell on the head of the man. He woke up immediately. King Bhoja and Kalidasa saw this.

“Your majesty! Did you see that?” said Kalidasa. “The man was sleeping under the big tree because there is shade. When the wind blew, the fruit of the tree, fell on him. What would have happened if there were watermelons instead of small red fruits on the tree?”

The king started laughing and understood the reason behind God’s creation.

Everything is right in its own place.

Nature is God's gift to us. We should be thankful to God for giving us so many things.