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Friday, 10 November 2017

Gandhiji and the Three Monkeys

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Nation, believed in simple living and high thinking. He used to live with a very few things. Some of the things which he always kept with him were – tin cup and spoon, a pair of sandals, his glasses and … a set of “no evil monkeys”. 

image courtesy: Google images

Gandhiji was the leader of the freedom movement of India. Many people from all over the world used to visit him. He would often advise them about something or the other.

One day, a group of visitors came from Japan. “Gandhiji, we have brought you a small gift,” they said. “It is no bigger than a child’s toys, but it is famous in our country. “To Gandhiji’s delight, it was a set of three monkeys.

Gandhiji asked them, “What do these three monkeys tell us?”

One of the visitors said, “Gandhiji! The first monkey has its mouth covered with its hands. It shows ‘speak no evil’.”

Another visitor then spoke, “The second monkey has its eyes covered with its hands. It shows ‘see no evil’.”

“The third monkey has its ears covered with its hands. It shows ‘hear no evil’.”

Gandhiji was very happy to learn about the three monkeys. He himself believed in truth and non-violence. He said, “These monkeys are indeed one of the most valuable gifts I have ever received. They actually teach us the truth of life.” 

From that day, Gandhiji kept the monkeys always with him. In one of the meetings, he pointed out at the monkeys and said, “Each of these monkeys tells us how to live our life properly. The first monkey tells us not to say anything harsh. Never say anything bad to hurt your fellow beings. The second monkey tells never to look for faults in others. And the third monkey tells us never to hear any evil.

Speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil.