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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Foolish Monkeys

Before several centuries, there was a very large, dense and dark forest. A group of monkeys arrived at the forest. It was winter season and the monkeys struggled hard to survive the freezing cold nights. They were hunting for fire to get warm.

One night, they saw a firefly and considered it a dab of fire. All the monkey in the group shouted ‘fire, fire, fire yeah we got fire’.

A couple of monkeys tried to catch the firefly and it escaped. They were sad as they could not catch the fire. They were talking to themselves that they couldn’t live in the cold if they didn’t get the fire.

The next night, again they saw many fireflies. After several attempts, the monkeys caught a few fireflies. They put the fireflies in a hole dug in the land and tried to blow the flies.
The blew the flies very hard without knowing the fact that they were flies. An owl was watching the activities of the monkeys. The owl reached the monkey and told them, “Hey old owl you don’t know anything about how to make fire. Don’t disturb us.”

The Owl warned the monkeys again and asked them to stop their foolish act. “Monkeys, you cannot make fire from the flies, please hear my words.”

The monkey tried to make fire from the flies. The Owl told them to stop acting foolish. “ You are struggling so much, go take your shelter in a nearby cave. You can save yourself from the freezing cold.” The monkeys shouted at the Owl and it left. The monkeys were so foolish and repeating the same activity upto mid night. They got very tired and realized that the words of Owl were correct and they were trying to blow a fly and not a fire.

They then sheltered themselves at the cave and escaped from the cold.

We may go wrong many times and should seek and accept the advice or suggestions given by others.

The End.