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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Mullah Nazruddin Stories - Son Searching For a Wife

                                             image courtesy : Google

Mullah, knowing his son was looking for a wife, asked him what type of wife he wanted.
“one who is intelligent and expressive” the latter replied.

“OK”, replied Mullah. “I’ll help you find such a woman”.

So as part of his plan, Mullah led his son to the town square. He then slapped his son in front of all the people and exclaimed. “This is what you get for doing exactly what I told you to do!”

One young lady saw this and remarked, “Stop hitting him. How can you punish him for obeying what you said?”

When the son heard this, he turned to his father and said, “She seems like the right woman for me -  don’t you think so?”

“well,” replied Mullah, “She is certainly expressive and intelligent, but perhaps there are woman out there who is even better fit for you.”

So Mullah led his son to the neighbouring area’s town square and repeated the same scene. This time, a young lady saw this and said, “Go ahead and hit him. Only a fool would follow orders so blindly.”

When Mullah heard this, he said to his son, “The first woman was intelligent and expressive – but this woman is on an entirely higher level altogether. I think we have found your future wife.

The End.